Crane Truck and Drop Deck Hire

Our crane truck and semi-trailer can deliver your cranes on site efficiently and ready to go.

Our Crane Truck

We operate and maintain a HIAB 14 4B-3 DUO crane truck available for hire. This truck features assets such as a high cab seat, remote control, and articulated boom overstraining. For those larger cranes needed on the work site, this truck is a great go-to, so you can get your crane moving quickly. Our experienced team are available to help load and transport your cranes.

Other features of our crane trucks include:

  • Load Torque: 131 KNm
  • Maximum Standard Boom: 10.6 m
  • Carrying Capacity: 0.9 Tonne

Crane Truck

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Semi Trailer and Drop Deck Hire

We have a 40ft (12m) flat top and a 45ft (14.5m) step deck trailer available for hire. Both trucks offer choices for your project to suit your crane transportation. These trucks allow for long, large, and wide freight to your site.

Semi Trailers and Drop Decks

Crane Truck and Low Loader Rental Available Across VIC

Wherever you are in Victoria, we come to you and can help for all wet and dry truck hire. Our qualified team have what you need to get your crane on site in working condition, or to transport any other plant and equipment you need. Our team are willing and able to go the extra mile to ensure that you are satisfied with our service. Whether you’re out in Ballarat, Bendigo, or anywhere else in Victoria, we can get there and move you where you need to go.

To see all our other trucks for hire, head to our other services transport page and view come alternative hire options.

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