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Franna is an industry leader in the manufacturing of pick and carry cranes. At Gravity Rigging we have two Franna crane models for hire.

Our Franna Cranes For Hire

We have two models of Franna cranes available for hire. Both models are mobile and articulate cranes that perform well on site with adept movement and usability. These models of crane are renowned for their flexibility on smaller sites and their ability to pick and carry heavy loads across tighter spaces. These cranes are cost effective due to their capability to drive to and from the worksite, making their set up time next to none and pack down the same.

Our two cranes available have a 20-tonne lifting capacity and a 25-tonne lifting capacity. Both have independent ranges of movement, boom lengths, maximum working radius, and work height. Regardless of your project, we have a Franna that can suit your needs.

Franna Crane Models

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Why Choose Franna Cranes?

Franna is renowned for their first-class cranes. Safety is at the heart of everything they do, and they continue to innovate to meet changing industry needs. Franna have unrivalled versatility and endless lifting applications, and quality is guaranteed. At Gravity Rigging, we share this outlook with Franna and carry across this guarantee with our services.

Franna MAC 25-4 25t

Franna MAC 25-4 25t

  • Automatic Counterweight Detection
  • Operator Settable Maximum Work Height: 18m Hook Height
  • Maximum Working Radius: 1.4m
  • Unique Boom Head Design Allows for Maximum Clearance
Franna AT 20t

Franna AT 20t

  • Fast Set Up Time
  • 20t Lifting Capacity at a 1.4m Radius
  • 1.6t at 15.8m Radius
  • 17.4m Maximum Hook Height

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